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Conservation Services

Helping the wild back into life

Our Habitat Matters

Seall Landscapes is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of our current environment for the benefit of future generations. Our focus is on developing green spaces that not only showcase the natural beauty of Britain but also contribute to the biodiversity without causing harm to the ecosystem. Surrey Hills Conservation is committed to providing its expertise, enthusiasm, and specialized tools to help you attract wildlife to your surroundings, whether it be in your home, estate, Parish, or county. Our goal is to revive and support the local wildlife populations, bringing the wild back to life in your area.

Britain’s lost eco-history

Did you know that since the Second World War, 95% of the wildflower meadows and hundreds of ponds and miles of hedgerows have disappeared in Britain? This has had a huge impact on the habitats of flora and fauna species greatly reducing their natural environments. You may have noticed it yourself. There are fewer birds, animals and insects around than what you might remember from your childhood. But now, attitudes, policies, and conditions are changing. And we are here to help you improve your environment and attract wildlife into your garden, grassland or other space; no matter how big or small.

Why nature is important

Bringing nature into our living, recreation and working spaces is a truly inspiring experience. Being surrounded by nature as it should be – in all its glory – enriches our well-being and protects our national resources for the future. Our team of experts and artisan is dedicated to helping you engage with your environment in a stylish, rewarding and deeply satisfying way.

Managed Rewilding

We are thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with local authorities, private clients, and individuals who are aligned with our dedication to conservation and sustainable landscaping practices. Our expertise lies in providing aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious designs and solutions for various projects, including:
  • Wildflower meadow creation, surveys and management
  • Pond creation, surveys and management
  • Timber extraction – mechanical and horse forwarders logging
  • Woodland planting, surveys and management
  • Invasive species management
  • Grasslands, farmlands & grazing management
  • Scrub Management
  • Rights of way clearance
  • Riverbanks works
  • Hedgerow design, planting and restoration
  • Hedge laying
  • Drainage and water courses
  • Harrowing and seeding
  • Bat surveys
  • Ecological surveys
  • Chestnut Fencing
  • Nest box installation
  • Heatland Managment
  • Estate management
  • Consultancy