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Lesley Ann Sandbach, Holmbury St Mary

“…David Seall came to us with local recommendations. He has just completed the complete re-landscaping of our lawn with its surrounding banked areas, pond and terrace. We had one advance site meeting but, once the designer’s plans were handed over, I relied on him to manage the project. It is to his credit that his team began and finished the project within the estimated time, despite the inevitable complications in its execution.

It was a complex brief but throughout the project we were able to correspond by phone and e-mail. David was always thoughtful and conscious of both time and budget. Whenever he had a query his suggestions were both helpful and, more important, kept in mind the integrity of the whole design. We are delighted with the final result which exceeds our expectations.

We have already engaged David’s team for additional work in the autumn …”


J. Phillips, Cranleigh Parish Council

“Mr David Seall of Southern Environmental and Landscape Service completed work on the children’s play area at Snoxhall Fields Cranleigh during the summer/ autumn of 2002. At short notice he also willingly assumed a supervisory role, as Project Manager, from 30 September until the official reopening of the children’s play area on 15 November.

His commitments included liaison with other contractors, the installation of new equipment, the replacement of safety surfacing, top soiling and turfing work and repairs to existing equipment.

Mr Seall provided much valued support and this led to the early resolution of a number of unforeseen difficulties, particularly those arising from initial excavation work. Throughout our association I found him to be very reliable, amenable, helpful and pleasant character.

We would unhesitatingly commend him. We intend to seek his assistance again when future maintenance work is required here.”


Nigel Scott-Dickeson Project Manager for Springboard Project, Jubilee Leisure Garden

David has been responsible for all the improvements and upgrades of facilities in our Jubilee leisure Garden since 2002. Since that time we have extensively renovated the entire outdoor play and garden area which is over 100 sq metres. This work has included:

  • Installing a rubbascape 30 sq metre safe play area
  • Relaying a football area and play areas with a synthetic grass surface and installing the drainage system
  • Planting a sensory garden with safety fencing and laying a recycled water irrigation system
  • Setting out a wetpour rubber safe play area
  • Building a playhouse and setting up outdoor swings
  • General maintenance of the Jubilee Leisure Garden

David always displays a helpful and friendly approach. He has always been willing to accept and accomplish any challenge we have set to improve our Jubilee Leisure Garden to its current excellent standard.

This is outdoor play area is enjoyed enormously by the thousands of children and families who visit our Centre every year and it has become an essential feature.

The achievements that David has made possible in our Jubilee Leisure Garden were recognised by a National “Biffaward” for their Small Grants Scheme projects in 2006.”


Kim Wilde

“Hi David, I loved your Chelsea garden, and it was such a pleasure to meet you. I have never been attacked in a garden before (a Chelsea one that is) what a cheeky little stinging nettle!! Good luck and continued happy gardening.”


Mary White

It must have been in 1999 that I met David. We had just bought our house overlooking the North Downs with a six-acre field at the rear. I had been wondering how to use the field. Unlike previous occupants, we were not horsy people, nor did we want sheep having two untrained but enthusiastic wannabe canine Shepard’s. I had hit on the romantic notion of a wild flower meadow and it must have been fate – David was not only qualified in romantic notions, but was extremely keen to see them carried out.

Two years later, we not only have a burgeoning wild flower meadow, we also have a lake. The local wildlife has greeted this with enthusiasm. Deer drink from it. Swallows swoop over it, herons wade in it (much to the distress of my husband, I keep having to assure him that they are only looking at the fish) and dragonflies dance over it. Us humans love it. It is planted up with native plants and already looks as though it has always been there. As we sit on our terrace – oh by the way David built that, beautifully – admiring the view, we plan the next venture. About 18 months ago we acquired some woodland untouched for 50 years or more.

We have replanted some of it. Storms meant dozens of fallen trees, some of which needed cleaning out, some needed to stay to provide habitat for various creatures. David has been able to advise us and carry out the work.

So, what next, perhaps a ha-ha or a knot garden, maybe a new wall would be nice. If you have a romantic notion or just want a job done to a high standard, I can recommend David.


Joe Cody Parks & Landscape Officer, Waverley Borough Council

“The company <Southern Environmental & Landscape Services has completed an environmental landscape scheme for this council, comprising installation of a lake and boardwalk.

They demonstrated a sound grasp of the principles of environmental engineering on this sensitive project, liaised with the client throughout, and completed the work within an agreed time scale and on budget.

Adjustments to the original specification, made by the client during the course of construction, were dealt with well by the contractor who have worked with flexibility.

Information supplied to the public has been good, and the contractor’s staff helpful and approachable.

I have no hesitation in recommending this contractor for landscape works on this scale.”


Jane & Callum, Cranleigh

“The pond David constructed in our garden design has exceeded our expectations, not only does it looks very natural, but in no time at all it was attracting dragon & damsel flies, newts, frogs and masses of wildlife – it has given us hours of enjoyment and the design means that even after lots of rain it hasn’t flooded the garden.”


Hilary Doyle, Fetcham Garden Project

Having spent a year refurbishing a 1920’s cottage it was time the garden received attention. The front garden consisted of a badly overgrown rockery and driveway in need of re-design and repair. The back garden had similar issues, with evergreens and other shrubs taking over, combined with a poor layout.

Since access to the back garden was limited to a narrow side alley David and his team pointed out that it would be best to get any major work completed on the back garden first. So in early 2007 Seals started excavation! The project included moving the garden shed, replacing the old patio and pond with a two level terrace and new pond with 2 easy to maintain raised flower beds, replacement of a poor producing apple tree with 3 silver birches, implementation of a water recycling and irrigation system, provision of garden lighting and power supply to the shed and the addition of a raised vegetable plot and composting area. I really appreciated David’s ability to listen to my ideas and suggestions and turn them into practical plans. The choice of materials – so important to the look of the end result – was made as a result of David’s experience with working with a variety of products. In the end we used reclaimed bricks, beautiful fresh quarried Yorkshire stone (not cheap but stunning) and green oak timbers for various retaining walls.

David’s focus on detail was extraordinary for example ensuring there would be no standing water on the terrace or pathways using carefully calculated slopes and strategically placed drainage, the use of a ‘vintage’ clay pipe found buried in the garden and toning with the recycled bricks as the water spout for the pond, insisting on a brick edging to the driveway (I was originally unconvinced but he was exactly right that it finishes off the driveway perfectly).

Unfortunately the combination of seemingly endless rain and the clay soil of the garden meant that the Seal’s team had to work in atrocious conditions and the project was extended from the original time estimate. However David remained very positive and was a delight to work with even when up to his knees in claggy clay!

The same practical but positive approach is evident in the front garden. The parking and turning spaces were enlarged, the time consuming and weed-ridden rockery was removed (though a set of circular tower steps found buried in the rockery were recycled into a sculpture feature in the back garden!), the lawn re-profiled, a simple but attractive oak timber retaining wall created and a practical but beautiful set of steps to the front door built using black Indian stone with dry stone wall effect on the risers. Once the gravel driveway was completed the difference to the ‘curbside appeal’ of the house is exceptional. Easy to maintain, practical with extended parking space but again the choice and use of natural materials softens the look and blends easily with the cottage look of the front of the house.

Now, 18 months after the work was completed the garden goes from strength to strength, plants have established themselves in the beds and pond. Judging from the newts, frogs and dragonflies the pond is meeting approval with the local wildlife. The terraces, walls and pathways have weathered beautifully and the garden is wonderfully easy to maintain. I continue to use David and his team for regular larger maintenance projects – for example giving the apple and pear trees a long overdue pruning, removal of some dead sections of the laurel hedge and giving the rest a dramatic pruning back to improve light and space and he is helping me create a wildflower/meadow area at the bottom of the garden (even less lawn to mow!).

I would absolutely recommend Seals to anyone who is looking for a quality transformation of their garden. David’s commitment to working with his clients to create gardens that are attractive, work in harmony with their surroundings but that are practical is extraordinary. He and his team are a real pleasure to work with – and the garden they have created for me a pleasure to live with!

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